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St Hugh’s Preparatory  is a privately run co educational school that has been operated by the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands for more than a century. We educate students starting at kindergarten through to GSAT, led by a  highly trained team of teachers and supported by our dedicated parenting body. Together, we are helping to shape a future generation of nation builders and world changers in a family environment that emphasizes academic excellence and sound character.

Students are nurtured with a view to shaping well rounded, dynamic individuals with the ability to think, to speak and to analyze their surrounding world. Emphasis is placed on balancing academics, arts, sports and other character building activities. To this end, our students participate in various activities that benefit their growth and development.  These activities include: Chess Competition; Gymnastics Competition; Inter-Prep. Schools Track & Field, and Football Competition; JCDC Festival of the Performing Arts; Schools Environment Programme; Institute of Jamaica Art in Prep Schools Exhibition; J.P.S. Science Fair; KFC Quiz competition. Our passes at the GSAT level are ranked among the best, matched only by our track record in art, culture  and sporting competitions.

Students with special needs are welcome as St Hugh’s actively pursued and has secured their integration into mainstream classes. As a sign of our commitment to special needs education, the St Hugh’s Prep campus is completely wheel chair-accessible.

Integration has proven to be a significant milestone in our school life, as our student body consistently demonstrates the pivotal values of compassion and understanding for people of all walks of life.

Today, St Hugh’s Prep is known for nurturing well rounded, compassionate students, and for cultivating a family environment in which parents, teachers and students work together for the greater good.  As a united team, teachers, parents and students pursue excellence through Fidelitas – our motto  which means Fidelity, loyalty and faithfulness. This continues to be our unswerving commitment to the school and its mission.


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